Facebook and a multibillion dollar business beyond brands!

FacebookSo this is what I think. Facebook is making a big contribution to the Beauty and fashion industry and soon will use high profile facebook users to endorse their brands vs celebrities.

When my friends decide to capture every moment of their being in a camera and plaster it on Facebook at 2 am every morning they are living their dream of achieving Stardom. Here are some things that Facebook has changed for businesses

Impact on Fashion and Beauty business: Get dressed 3 hours before leaving home. Every picture has to be perfect and some even have make up artists advising them.

Impact on the Travel business: It is now imperative to be in different countries in the globe just to be part of an event where they can have a picture with the rich and famous

Impact on the event management business: Birthdays are now no longer cozy dinners with good friends- they are mega events which have to be big, unique and newsworthy

Impact on real estate, employers, relationships: they change apartments, jobs, friends, boyfriends and husbands at least every 2 years to be ” Newsworthy”. how else are they going to get the likes, unlikes and comments every day is an event, a big moment as 1000 facebook contacts are waiting for the next big thing that has to be announced.

And the list can go on. Facebook has given humanity an opportunity to present themselves to the world in the way stars do. This has accelerated the pace of change across the board and we will soon have image managers managing facebook profiles for the common Joe and Jane. Of course this also promises to create a new genre of therapists who will counsel individuals having a nervous breakdown in a environment where you are defined by what you are on Facebook!



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