Falling in love with luxury: Moynat takes luxury marketers back to basics

So Moynat, the iconic luggage brand that was founded in 1849, opened its cocoon with a whisper in Hong Kong Asia’s luxury capital. A delightful, quiet but impactful arrival given the race for bigger, celeb driven, high tech production-led launches that Asia has seen in recent years. The brand’s focus seems entirely on the simplicity of the product, “technique of craft” and on delivering the promise of “individuality”.

Some of the pieces I adore are the ‘Train Pochette’ below in seven color variations featuring a toy train in Taurillon-gex leather applied by the traditional marquetry craftsmanship. So no, that’s not a screen printed train says the passionate gallery presenter who seems to be equally in love and in no hurry to push a sale.  Prasanna Bhaskar MoynatThere are limited pieces in the newly opened gallery and the presentation of each individual piece on display and its craft is done with as much passion as the artist did in creating his work.

The Moynat story could very well be the answer to the luxury industry’s perils – a gentle reminder of the integrity of craft, quality and simplicity – all the elements of “pure luxury”.  A visit to the Moynat gallery is comparable to a visit to an atelier in Paris rather than to a red carpet event. The brand stokes our passion and curiosity for craft, artisanship and our relentless quest for precision in design. Simple values that create lasting legacy.


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